Saturday, February 1, 2014

Astronumbers/thomasmuldoon/australia's most entertaining and informative numerologist/astrologer

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All information contained within and throughout this Website is (c) Thomas Muldoon - Author Numerology for the 21st Century & Solar/Lunar Astrology. Intended for entertainment purposes only. Any reference or similarity to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental, all 'characters' are fictitious. No responsibility accepted for those acting or failing to act upon any information offered.

"Making everything easier for your iphone, ipad, touch screen and tablet devices - enjoy"

Using the most advanced computer technology to create your natal chart and transits for the coming months I offer a 50% discount in having your very own report (if you take advantage of this offer before the next Full Moon aka 13th June ) Although the computer compiles your chart it will be me compiling your report (individually and personallly) "not a computer readout."

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Ever since I introduced the Solar Chart to students and clients early in 2000 the response has been nothing short of fantastic, even professional astrologers I've spoken to have given it the thumbs up in it's approach to understanding the traits and trends for each and every year. What you see on the left is my Solar Chart (for those interested) without the transits for 2014. What you'll receive will be your solar/natal + transits + your personally compiled report - no waffle, no jargon. Order yours today. What's required is your date and place of birth, time (if known) sent to my email address once payment has been made (here) Remember, this offer is time limited to the Full Moon in Sagittarius aka - 13th June 2014

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