Saturday, February 1, 2014

Body meditation:

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Are you sick and tired of searching for the answer to health and happiness outside of yourself? On the internet, at the doctors, in a book, on a course? We live in a world that tells us the more information we know, the better we will be able to live, heal and thrive.

We look for the answers everywhere but inside ourselves. Did you know that your body already communicates with you all the time? Here are some of the ways- it talks to you daily, by telling you to:

and many other ways it stays in communication with you so that you can continue breathing, walk freely, and process food so that you remain nourished.

The problem that we have is that there is so much body hatred in our societies in both men and women that we generally ignore our bodies’ wisdom in the pursuit of perfection.

We have lost the ability to listen to the wisdom of your body and we rely on external signals to function. We eat at meal times, instead of when we are hungry. We go to bed because it is bedtime, rather than listening to our body.

Do you hate your nose? Your thighs? Your hair? Your teeth? Your rear? Your height? Your weight? Your legs? Your stomach? All of you? 

So many of us spend so much time thinking about how to change those bits that we hate, and it is a sad reflection of our time that it is exceptionally rare to meet someone who loves themselves just the way they are.

Again the body is the vehicle in which we travel through this lifetime. It is on our side. It wants us to be healthy and happy. It wants to help us find peace, and avoid pain.

What if you could start having a conversation with your body, and the key organs in the body to find out what it needs from you?

In this meditation, you will be introduced to how to listen to the wisdom of your body in a gentle and kind way. You will be guided how to ask questions and to listen for answers.

Each time you do this meditation, you will be building a bond with the only person that matters to you, and that is you.

Self love is born from a good relationship with the body. By finding out what your body needs and wants, you can make changes to your life that will naturally enhance it and enable you to make decisions that are healthful and good for you.

Our body tells us what we need to eat in the present moment. It knows what is lacking and what is required.

It knows how to cure diseases, attack viruses, fight infections, heal wounds, and protect us from harm.

It is also our vehicle for this journey on earth, and for the most part, it is the only one we will have this lifetime.

Beautiful Meditation Caroline.  Your voice is so calm and peaceful..  I enjoyed the journey very much and felt you holding a very sacred place both in the silence and in the guided imagery.

I don’t really know what I was expecting, but I do have to say it really resonated with me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I will be listening to it on a regular basis as funny enough I’d started the healing process with my body and I feel that this will help me along the way.

I have never been able to listen so deeply to my body and specifically...

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