Saturday, February 1, 2014

Clickbank - med school admission secrets

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…You are in for a long, frustrating, anxiety-ridden, journey through the application process unless…

You have a guide that shows you every step of the process, in sequence, with exactly what to do each step of the way and with all the choices and strategies available to you.

…in this just-released guide that will dramatically boost your chances of getting into medical school, save a ton of time, and drop your stress levels overnight…

I help premed students navigate an exact and clearcut route through the medical school application process by compiling and presenting all the steps, tips and tricks you will need to navigate the shortest path to med school.

At Northwestern, I was President of the Premed Society for both my Junior and Senior years of college. I say this because one of my roles was to help my fellow premed classmates have their best chance of getting into med school.

I regularly set up seminars with the Deans and Doctors in the admission departments of the top medical schools across the country. So I had access to and developed personal relationships with these admissions directors.

As a result, I’ve had 8 years worth of candid conversations with admissions officers, premed students and medical students about what really matters when preparing for the MCAT, writing a compelling personal statement, acing interviews and choosing a post bac program. 

I also developed an in-depth knowledge of the many unique and overlooked aspects of getting into medical school that almost all premeds are too stressed...

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