Saturday, February 1, 2014

Soccer concussion? prevent and treat a concussion from soccer!

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What every parent and player should know about preventing, treating, and dealing with a soccer concussion.

My name is Peter Granders, parent of three club level (and town!) soccer players. Each of them has had multiple soccer related concussions (and other injuries!). Having experienced soccer related concussions firsthand I know the exhilarating fear it can cause you as a parent, worrying about the damage such a serious brain injury could cause your child.

How many times have you just cringed when your child collides with another player as they race intensely down the field chasing the ball. Far across the field (always the way!) they both fall and your heart beats a mile a minute as they both get up slowly.

The referee blows her whistle and a coach may come out to see how they are… just the worst feeling! Isn’t it?

Concussions can have very serious side effects. Do you know them all? They can affect learning, long-term memory, coordination, cause nausea, vomiting, sleep problems, and even loss of consciousness!

One of my high school daughters was playing indoor soccer recently and went slamming into a fire exit door, bam! With just seconds in the game she had no idea how close she was to the boundary as she was so focused on keeping the ball in and then trying to cross in front of the net.

Just like that… she was having a dull headache that moved from the front of her head to the back, exposure to lights made her sick to her stomach and she out of...

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