Sunday, February 2, 2014

What's happening to me? am i psychic or going crazy? - spritual healing psychic. Com

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Who would you turn to for advice if you started seeing ghosts, hearing voices, or were able to predict future events? Who would believe you?

“What's Happening To Me? Am I Psychic Or Going Crazy?” is the first e-book to present a collection of interviews with 11 people from vastly different walks of life who have all experienced psychic awakenings. The people who appear in this e-book are not professional psychics, but everyday people who provide illuminating first-hand descriptions of their own self awakening. With fascinating first person accounts, you will get a feel for the difficulties they had with coping, as they paint a clear picture of how their gifts developed, giving concrete examples of how they protect themselves and highlight how these remarkable events changed their lives forever. Imagine all the stories that will sing to your soul.  

Have you ever had a Tarot Reading? Gone to see a Clairvoyant? Had your palm read? Received a Reiki Treatment? Had your Chakra's Balanced? Wanted energetic healing? Been interested in your Spirit Guides/Angels? Or Past Life?

     From Linda Australia I had lost my job and was very down and looking for something to read that would answer my questions and satisfy my soul. I picked up your book for someone else who's life on the Spiritual path has been a challenge, but I ended up reading the book for my direction was unclear. From the moment I opened the first pages my soul was at peace and every thing in my life pieced together through the stories of others. I no longer felt despair and now I am heading toward the healing life I was destined for. Thank...

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