Monday, August 11, 2014

The home of'2bucks' an ad advertising program!

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The majority of Internet marketers are working within a fairly tight budget, and very likely, you are among them. If you're searching for the most cost-effective form of promotion you can find...

My ezine has been listed in one of your groups for several years. Then one day I decided to advertise in one of the other groups and I was simply amazed at how well my ad did. The service I received from all of the ezine owners was fantastic. The service YOU provide to advertisers is one of a kind! Its affordable, yet effective targeted advertising for anyone doing business online. Nothing beats advertising in top-quality ezines for driving loads of targeted traffic to your site and your service has the "best of the best". Well done Bo! Jeff Casmer

With '2Bucks' An AD™, your ad will run in multiple quality, genuine ezines, and for less than you would pay for ONE advertisement in most cases. NOTE! If you order 3 you will get extra bonus LOGON Ezine with 131,000 subscribers and your price per ad, and subscribers reached, will be even lower.

Simple! There are innumerable ezines out there. EACH and EVERY one of them have one thing in common. They NEED more subscribers!

'2Bucks' An AD™ recruits Publishers in search of subscribers. We offer them MANY benefits in exchange for a 7 lines ad, which we sell to advertisers seeking the most economical and cost effective form of promotion they can possibly find ...

There are currently 32 Ezines/Newsletters participating in this program, divided in 4 groups...

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