Tuesday, November 11, 2014

5k training - how to train for a 5k - couch potato to 5k

5k training - how to train for a 5k - couch potato to 5k
Picture Your INCREDIBLE Feeling Of Super Accomplishment And The Amazing Rush Of Self Pride As You Finish Your First 5K

As you cross the finish line for the very first time, every nerve ending in your body

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jago Holmes and I'm a fully qualified and highly experienced personal trainer from the UK. 

I have worked with hundreds of beginner runners from all walks of life and varying levels of fitness over my long and rewarding 10 year training and running career.

I have personally worked with so many runners to help them through their preparations and 5K training programs...

Together we overcame many hurdles and disappointments and it has been a wonderful learning experience for me.

How Are You and I Going to Accomplish This Together as a Team?

To help future runners avoid making the same mistakes as some of the ones I've worked with in the past… and to fast track their fitness and stamina levels to new highs, I TOOK ACTION...

I Tested and Developed What is Possibly the Most Effective 5K Training Program There is - Specifically for Beginners.

And it's taken me years to test, trial and put together. It's a totally unique multi guide training program that's both fast and totally effective.

It teaches beginners exactly how, when, where and what to do so they quickly learn the secrets of being able to run effortlessly for... Read More...

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