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The Tao of Badass Review

The Tao of Badass Review
Tao of Badass is a dating, approaching, seducing, and attracting women guide designed for men who want to be successful with women. The system provides you with everything you need (via its ever-growing list of resources and community) to learn and develop your skills and confidence when it comes to relating to the fairer gender. As of this writing, it�s considered as one of the most successful seduction system in the market and is still the highest selling product among the dating and seduction niche since it was first released.

The Tao of Badass program is created by Joshua Pellicer. He�s a �living proof� dating coach who wasn�t born a �natural with the ladies� but worked his way into being one of the most effective dating coaches in the industry. Along his journey towards dating greatness, Joshua was able to rack up a lot of accomplishments and credentials. Among those that are important to this product (and you should be particularly interested in) include being trained by Wyatt Woodsmall (NLP expert and Anthony Robbins� mentor; yes, THE Anthony �Tony� Robbins), a Maxim Radio host of a show that helps men succeed with women, and serving as an advisor for the Axe Bodyspray advisory board, among other things. All of these only guarantee one thing; Joshua definitely knows his stuff when it comes to succeeding with women.

Now that we�ve met the author, it�s time to discuss the main program itself. Tao of Badass, as with any other book out there, starts off with an �Introduction.� In here, Joshua starts off strong by giving a short introduction of himself and blazing directly through his first success principle that preps your mindset for the whole of the program. Since dating and attracting women is a psychology and social topic, carrying the right perspective at the onset can make a huge difference between failure and success.

Once you�ve got your mindset prepped by the introduction, Joshua takes you into a deep discussion about gender roles. It�s his way of saying that Darwin�s �survival of the fittest� adage is outdated in the dating context. It means that the traditional idea that success with women goes to the most attractive, strongest, or wealthiest men no longer holds true. According to him, success with women (and any social situation for that matter) goes to who can assess and work the appropriate gender roles in their current social setting. It�s a bit abstract when we explain it in this review but Joshua really went deep into this topic (complete with observable examples) within the program.

After that deep chapter on gender roles, Joshua talks about how confidence works and how to build the same specifically for the social and �talking to women� agenda. Joshua also talks about how to read people within social situations and adjust accordingly; therefore making them genuinely like you, which builds up your confidence even further. Again, it�s a very long and deep chapter that we simply can�t elaborate considering the limits of this review.

What follows afterwards is the actual �System� that Joshua uses (and teaches to everyone) for attracting women. Just like the other chapters, this is a long one and covers attraction and relationship dynamics from multiple angles. There are mentions of projecting the right body language, leading conversations, understanding stages of attraction, opening escape routes should the conversation get awkward for you, and other nitty gritty stuff. Don�t worry, it all makes sense and ties up together within the program.

Of course, every knowledge and method about connecting with women is moot if you don�t know how to, or have issues with, approaching women. Therefore, Joshua dedicates a whole chapter for that in which he teaches you how to get over your approach anxiety.

The next chapter tackles what Joshua calls �tests� that women apply on men as part of their filtering mechanism. He teaches you how to recognize if the woman you are connecting with is �testing� you while also laying out how to respond correctly; also stressing that �passing� these tests is essential to your success with women.

The chapters that follow include a loaded section about reading body language, a method for creating love, and a discussion on some of the biggest mistakes that men make. Once those are through you�ll be served a short conclusion.

Now, we don�t usually talk about bonuses in our reviews (i.e. we only review the main program) but there�s one bonus that is really worth mentioning � the Tao members-only community. It�s worth mentioning because this bonus in and of itself is worth the price of admission. It�s a real-time chat room gathering all of the Tao members from all over the globe and it�s very active. Imagine having access to your co-Tao practitioners� insights to help and guide you, 24/7. Now that�s amazing value.
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