Friday, November 18, 2016

The Complete Guide To Meeting Thailand Girls

The Complete Guide To Meeting Thailand Girls
How a 62 year old guy left his nagging wife to retire in Thailand with a devoted and beautiful 27 yr old Thai girlfriend, and where everyday is a WHOLE new experience�

How a 23 year old adventure seeker lives like a ROCK STAR and gets to meet lovely Thai women on a daily basis, when he�s not hitting the ocean or partying like there�s no tomorrow!

How a 41 year old guy accidently �discovered� Thailand and its delicious food, amazing lifestyle and super friendly Thai women so much he COULDN�T leave!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Martin Hurley. I�ve never written a letter like this before. But what I just told you sums things up pretty well. And it all starts back in November 2003�

I had just flown in to the sprawling metropolis of Bangkok, Thailand. I was hot, disorientated � and starting to feel slightly desperate.

It was so bad that once the taxi had deposited me at my hotel, I didn�t dare stray out of seeing distance from my lodgings. It was like a scene out of Blade Runner � traffic madly whizzing past, huge overpasses jutting skyward, strange food on every corner.

At first I thought it might have been something to do with my western style clothes. Or the way I looked. Whatever the case, it was definitely weird. Anyway � it was probably nothing� Or was it?

After three hours of sweating out every liquid that�s ever been poured into me for the last 3 months, confused and culture shocked, I gave up on trying to understand "Thai" and headed back to my hotel TV. And that�s when I noticed this weird thing happening all over again.

I thought perhaps there was just a small chance that maybe, just maybe, all these Thai�Read More Detail
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