Saturday, February 1, 2014

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Tough Mudder race, Spartan Race, Tough guy or whatever event you’ve entered, training IS a damn good idea!

It’s highly likely that you didn’t enter your race to QUIT! But on average 22% of participants FAIL to cross the finish line with their buddies, at events like Tough Mudder!

Here’s the thing, whilst these events are NOT really races (it’s all about the camaraderie right?)

You KNOW that finishing first out of all your mates would be something you’ll have bragging rights over for months to come.

HOWEVER, YOU KNOW you definitely don’t want to be the one getting the beers in at the finish for being LAST of your team to finish… right?

So getting in some quality training before hand would at very least save you the pain of being LAST, and getting some quality training in would give you a fighting chance of holding the bragging rights on being the ‘toughest’

On this page I want to show you that you don’t need to spend hours a day grinding out boring workouts

And you don’t need to get beasted by some military style bootcamp instructor in the local park either!

I want to show you an approach to training that goes completely against the grain of your traditional “run 5k and a bunch of burpees and crunches” type workout plan.

One that means you’ll NOT blow you knees out 2 weeks before race...

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